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Step by step of my Neck to Knee Tattoo by AtomiccircuS Step by step of my Neck to Knee Tattoo by AtomiccircuS

Step by step of my Neck to Knee Tattoo 

Larges new school illustrative tattoo in Europe!

All together about 120 hours of work. Over a period of 2 years.

First of all this is tattooed on me not done by me. The artist who did this piece is Emil Edge

If you want to see only the final pic follow the link :…

Also if you don’t think I got the largest piece in Europe ( in this style ) contact me with the link and I will change my statement. Until then I stand by my statement.

1. Session :

2 long days, the first day we started at 10:00 and finished at midnight . ( there was a lot of stencil work, and making it fit perfectly on my body ) the second day started after just few hours of sleep, at 10:00 was almost only tattooing that day.

All together about 17hours of tattooing

2. Session :

I came back one month later and we did a 3 day session. 6-7h each day. At this point we started blocking in color.

18-19h of tattooing.

3. Session :

Once again 3 days with 6-7 h each day.

18-19 h of tattooing.

4. Session :

Another 3 day session. We did 7h on the two first days. The third day was bad, I did not get any sleep because I bought wrong kind of cream . My back kept drying out and I was sore during the whole night. So day nr 3 we did only 2h.

16h of tattooing

5. Session :

3 more days, at this point I stopped updating publishing the process , did not want to reveal anything before we where 100% done. At this point everything was done, we just needed to do retouching.

18-19h of tattooing

6. Session :

2 days of retouching different areas .

12h of tattooing

7. Session :

Last 2 days retouching session.

10h of tattooing

We did sessions 1-5 in under a year. But because different thing came up we could not finish it until now. We have also started tattooing my thigh and left sleeve that is connected to that piece. While working on it we did some small retouching on the back as well, but I cant remember all the mini sessions , so there are some extra hours to be added on the list.

All together about 120 hours of work.

I am super happy, and if I could have a second go at this I would not hesitate for a second.

Basically Emil did what ever he wanted. I strongly believe that what you get does not matter. What matters is who is doing it. Use the time to find the perfect tattoo artist not the perfect tattoo.

If you find a tattoo artist you like he can probably do what ever and you will love it. ( I know this does not apply for everything but for a large scale work like this it does )

Now our next Project is : Double sleeve from where the back stops until the knuckles.

I have been saving up spaces for a long time, its such a great feeling that this is finally happening.

Links to where you can find the guy who did this piece on me :

facebook :

instagram : emiledge

thank you for everything buddy 


Dino Tomic

facebook :…

INSTAGRAM : dinotomic

Deviantart :

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This is beautiful. Love it.
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This's so amazing
ShadowToxin Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Student General Artist
That's really cool! Might I ask where the most painful areas were? Did it hurt on the lower crease of the buttox? did sitting hurt afterward? Much less to all of that, how long did the healing process take? 
hollow-welt Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014   Artisan Crafter
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beautiful tattoos even on the butts :P
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See now if you do the front as well you won't need to wear clothes anymore.. :P
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hehe, love it :)
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